The Daughter of Ted Cruz Is Safe Despite “Self-Inflicted Wounds”

Warning about the content: this article discusses hurting oneself intentionally.

On December 6, officers from the Houston Police Department and the Houston Fire Department were dispatched to the residence of Texas Senator Ted Cruz after receiving information that a 14-year-old boy required medical attention for wounds that he had inflicted on himself. As a result of these reports, a lot of people started wondering about whether or not Cruz’s daughters were safe and whether or not one of them had been involved in the incident. We now have confirmation that both of Cruz’s daughters are doing well.

Where is Ted Cruz’s daughter now, and what happened to her?

Many people have naturally assumed that the incident involved one of the senator’s daughters, despite the fact that the police were unable to confirm whether or not a member of Ted Cruz’s family was involved in the incident. A young woman reportedly stabbed herself in the arm and then called the police, who responded to the affluent community of River Oaks to treat the injuries she had inflicted on herself. After the girl was injured, she was taken to the hospital where she received treatment for her wounds.

According to a report by the local Houston ABC affiliate ABC13, representatives for Cruz have stated that this is a family matter, but they have also confirmed that both of Cruz’s daughters are healthy. Additionally, according to Cruz’s representative, there were no serious injuries sustained during the incident.

According to the additional information provided by the representative, “the family asks that the media respect their daughter’s privacy at this time.”

Cruz is currently in Washington, and it is currently unknown whether or not he will return to Houston to be with his family at any point in the near future.

After appearing miserable in a family Christmas card, Caroline Cruz became an internet sensation the year before.

Caroline Cruz, who is now 14 years old, became famous online in December of 2021 after the daughter of a judge in Texas posted a photo of the Cruz family Christmas card in which Caroline appears to be in an extremely unhappy mood.

The number of people following Caroline on Instagram skyrocketed as a direct result of the video.

In her first video after experiencing a meteoric rise in the number of people who follow her channel, Caroline discussed the benefits and drawbacks of being Ted’s daughter. In this video, she emphasized that she and her father do not share the same views on virtually any topic. Caroline further explained that the photos used for the Christmas card had been edited to make it appear as though the shirt she was wearing covered her torso when in reality it was a crop top. She also mentioned that she is bisexual but has not yet told her father about her orientation. She did mention that she didn’t believe he would be angry about the situation.

The settings on Caroline’s TikTok account were changed to private.

Within a few short hours of Caroline disclosing that she was bisexual, her account was abruptly changed to private status. Many people were led to believe that Caroline’s father had found out about the account and instructed his daughter to set it to private after he discovered it. This was due to the sudden change in the account’s status. In the end, however, we do not know what took place, and all of this may have very little to do with the reports of self-harm that have emerged in more recent times.

Since Caroline made her account private, neither she nor the rest of the Cruz family have communicated with us very frequently. Now that they are dealing with what is likely to be a difficult family situation, it is imperative that Cruz’s personal life and political career be kept separate from one another. His request for privacy will probably be beneficial to his daughter, who may desperately need some space of her own, as families of all political stripes go through these kinds of struggles at some point or another.

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