This ‘Love Without Borders’ Trip Will Take You Around the World! Where Was It Filmed? (SPOILERS)

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Love That Knows No Boundaries

What would you do if you found out that your true love lives on the other side of the world? Would you leave everything behind and take a chance on everything just to see them? This is the question that five people who are currently single in the United States will be asked on the Bravo show Love Without Borders.

Love Without Borders is a relationship show that was created by the same people who created Love Is Blind. Relationship coach Arica Angelo is in charge of pairing up singles with people from different parts of the world. So, where will we end up if we continue on this quest to find love? Because we are about to find out, make sure your bags are packed and grab your passport.

San Diego, in the state of California

One of the featured singles is by Gurleen Virk, who hails from the city of San Diego in the state of California. Gurleen claims in the preview that “San Diego is a hookup culture” and that the city does not have enough diversity.

Dubai, UEA

In order for Gurleen to meet Shreyas, she must travel all the way to Dubai, which is located in the middle east. Gurleen and Shreyas are shown galloping across the desert on camels in the trailer. Additionally, it seems that Gurleen is introduced to his entire family.

Atlanta, Georgia

The story of Philip Michael Thomas Jr. begins in the city of Atlanta, Georgia. According to his bio, Philip is an avid reader “after having a lot of success on the local dating scene, I made the decision to put my energy into finding a serious commitment. Since he wants to be able to clear his mind and make room for the loving relationship that he hopes is just around the corner — or around the globe — he has been celibate for the past four months and has been single for the past seven months.”


Philip goes all the way to Ghana to meet Carmen, who is his opponent in the match. The sneak peek demonstrates that the two are getting along swimmingly.

The city of Fargo in North Dakota

Aaron Motacek, a contestant, travels all the way from North Dakota to participate in the show. According to what is written in his biography, he is forced to “make a drastic choice to find love” because there are “limited dating options in his hometown of Fargo.”

Paris, France

Aaron travels all the way to Paris, France, in search of love as part of his adventure. Paris is known as the “City of Love.” There he meets Mael. The preview demonstrates a number of endearing exchanges between the two of them. These two will most certainly have our support and encouragement.

The city of Livingston in Montana

Danna Richards is originally from Livingston, Montana, and she claims that in her hometown, people do not discuss their romantic relationships but rather discuss cows.

Ireland’s Galway city

Danna travels from one cow country to another as she makes her way to Galway, Ireland, in order to meet her prospective husband, Brian. E! was able to get their hands on a preview in which Danna acknowledges that she was “very, very scared coming into this… but I’m happy.”

Houston, Texas Location:

The journey of Naeem Thompson, who was born and raised in Houston, Texas, begins in that city. He’s prepared to put down roots and start a family.


In order to meet Chandra, Naeem travels all the way to the southern part of Panama. After Naeem sees Chandra dancing with her ex-boyfriend in the preview, things start to get a little heated between the two of them.

Cities in Australia’s Sydney and in Canada’s Toronto

Even though none of the matches are taking place in Sydney or Toronto, both of those cities are shown in the preview for the series, giving the impression that the show will take us there at some point in the future.

Be sure to tune in to Love Without Borders on Bravo every Wednesday at 9 p.m. Eastern Standard Time to catch the latest episode of what is quickly becoming our new obsession.

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