This week, Netflix will release “Emily the Criminal”; is it based on real events?

This week, the critically acclaimed movie Emily the Criminal will become available to stream online at Netflix for those who were unable to see it in theaters. Emily Benetto, played by Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation, Legion), is a woman who turns to the criminal underworld of Los Angeles in order to recover from crippling debt and financial ruin. The crime thriller that will be released in 2022 stars Aubrey Plaza.

The movie was released in August 2022 to an overwhelmingly positive reception from critics, with many of them praising Aubrey’s performance specifically.

The movie provides a terrifying look into the seedy underbelly of the criminal factions that operate in Los Angeles. Even though it deals with intense subject matter, a large portion of it is based on actual events. But does that mean that Emily the Criminal is based on actual events? This is what we currently know.

Is the story ‘Emily the Criminal’ based on actual events?

Emily becomes more and more involved in shady activities and public scandals in her hometown throughout the course of the movie. She initially engages in minor theft, but as she struggles to regain control over her situation, she progresses to more serious crimes. Eventually, she steals a car. But as the movie goes on, she starts to realize how skilled she is at being a criminal and how much she genuinely enjoys it. This realization occurs as the movie progresses.

The events that take place in the movie Emily the Criminal are largely fabricated, despite the fact that the story may or may not be based on a real-life account. However, a significant number of the components are based on actual occurrences that occurred in the life of the film’s director and writer, John Patton Ford.

John admitted, during an interview with the Golden Globes, that Emily’s struggle with student debt mirrors not only his own experience, but also the experience of a great number of other recent college graduates in the United States.

“When I graduated from graduate school, I had approximately one hundred thousand dollars worth of student debt, and I believe that was a significant contributor to the anxiety, fear, and depression that I experienced… That’s what got it all started, “John commented on the source of his motivation for making the movie.

The “dummy shopping” aspect of organized crime receives a significant amount of attention in the movie, which also delves into that aspect of the criminal underworld. It was reported that John lived in an area of Los Angeles that was the location of an FBI bust for dummy shopping.

Even though Emily’s story is a work of fiction, many of the events in it are heavily inspired by real-world occurrences.

On December 7, Emily the Criminal will become available to stream on Netflix.

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