Win Metawin has a new single out called “One More Chance,” and listeners are calling her “angelic voice.”

Win Metawin, also known as Metawin Opas-iamkajorn, is finally making a comeback with a brand new solo single titled “One More Chance.” The ‘angelic voice’ of the Thai superstar is once more making fans swoon, and the song’s heartbreaking lyrics are also contributing to this effect.
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Fans are tuning in for Metawin’s new surprise single, One More Chance, in order to get a taste of what they can expect from the upcoming Side By Side Bright Win Concert, which will feature the heartthrob performing alongside Bright Vachirawit.

Win Metawin, who is famous for his charisma and his dreamy persona, has never failed to captivate audiences, whether he is on or off the screen. As the star is back with a new song, here’s all about the new track and how fans are praising the star’s ‘angelic voice.’

Since starring in the hit BL series, 2gether, the star has quickly cemented his position as the face of Thai entertainment, which is rapidly becoming popular and reeling in new fans around the world. Win’s abilities have been demonstrated in a variety of projects, ranging from F4 Thailand to Devil Sister.

Besides being a talented actor and model, Win is also a gifted singer whose voice has graced a number of OSTs like Still Together and Ten Year Later. And now the crooner from Silhouette has returned with a brand new track.

The much-anticipated music video for “One More Chance,” which also featured Thai actress Grace Budsarin, was finally released by Win on December 6th. The MV is almost like a movie that tells the story of a relationship that has been plagued with mistakes and regret. Metawin is risking his heart by asking for another ‘chance,’ and he does so while wearing a dramatic red suit that showcases his effortless charm. The soft voice of the singer will definitely make your heart melt!

At the very end of the music video, the global icon is given credit as the creator of the story behind the song, with the words “story of song by Win Metawin” appearing on screen. Another name that hasn’t gone unnoticed is Vachirawit Chivaaree – Win’s supportive co-star, Bright has been credited as the Project Advisor for the new release.

The breathtaking visuals and silky voice of Win Metawin are consistently impressive.

A fan
“A human being with the face of an angel and the voice of an angel! I am completely taken with the sound of his voice, and I could sit here all day and listen to him sing.

the clever idea: “The Alice in Wonderland idea is so amazing that it blows my mind!”

In addition to this, Win, who is the proud CEO of his macaroons business, can be seen displaying Souri. A fan
The use of Souri in the music video is, if you ask me, like killing two birds with one stone. It’s a music video, but it also doubles as a commercial for Souri! Win Metawin, you have a brilliant mind!”

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